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How to Start a Huddle

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Huddle Time!

The FCA campus ministry is initiated and led by student athletes and coaches on the junior high, senior high and college levels. FCA's goal is to enable student athletes to know and grow in their faith in Christ and to encourage their peers to do the same.
If you are interested in being a part of a FCA huddle and there is not one at your school please contact us. We can lead you through the steps that need to be taken in order to organize one at your school. Contact us at 217-202-4347 or email us at

Get Started!

Here are the steps you’ll need to start an FCA Campus Ministry on your campus. There are many ministry types to choose from.

1. Pray for God to prepare your campus.

2. Visit to learn more about FCA and the specific type of ministry you’d like to start.

3. Select which Ministry Type(s) meets the needs of your campus. (Huddle, Team Bible Study, Chaplain Program, Coaches Bible Study)

4. Seek your Administration’s blessing.

5. As a Campus Ministry Sponsor, fill out the Ministry Leader Application online.

6. Complete the Request to Certify your Campus and/or contact Local Staff.

Read the overview of FCA Campus Ministry.

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Huddle FAQ's
(Frequently Asked questions)

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Huddles:

Q. How often do Huddles Meet?
A. Meeting frequency varies from group to group.  Some groups meet every week while others meet every other week. We feel it is important for huddles to meet at least twice a month.

Q. When do FCA Huddles meet?
A. Meeting times vary from group to group.  Most huddles meet on campus either before school or during lunch.  A few huddles also meet in the evenings.

Q. Where do FCA Huddles meet?
A. Most FCA Huddles meet at the school either in a classroom, the gym, the library, or the cafeteria.  Some huddles also meet in homes or other off-campus sites.

Q. Who leads a Huddle?
A. If a Huddle meets on school property the Huddle must be student led. This does not preclude an athletic coach or interested volunteer from facilitating the student meetings. Most schools require non-curriculum clubs to have a faculty member representative.Adults working with Huddles must take care not to dominate the leadership but to encourage the student leadership team to take charge for the Huddle meeting schedule. The coach or volunteer is there to provide counsel and to maintain order.

Q. Who can participate in a Huddle?
A. FCA's vision is to reach athletes and coaches. Therefore, we encourage that the majority of the huddle is made up of athletes and coaches.  The messages will be geared towards sports and how to live out your faith through the platform that God has given you. However, FCA is not an exclusive "club," with restricted membership.  Anyone interested in sports and in growing in their relationship with Christ is welcome.