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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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2017 NE Ohio FCA Banquet

Don Cockroft with award finalists, Ethan LaBouf and Nicholas Reese.

A little over 200 people joined us for our 3rd Annual FCA Banquet last month.  We were privileged to host this year's even at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.   It was an awesome evening to celebrate all that God has done through the ministry of FCA over the past year and to take a look forward at all that He plans to do.  A few highlights of the evening included:

  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the Hall of Fame Village project, given by David Baker, President of the HOF.

  • Honoring two senior athletes, Ethan LaBouf and Sarah Iglehart, with the Don Cockroft and Renee Powell Awards for Excellence for living out their faith in their athletic and academic endeavors.

  • Honoring local coach, Abbey Allerding, with the Sue Ramsey Award for Coaching Excellence and one of our faithful huddle leaders, Cordell Smith of Smithville HS, with the Huddle Coach of the Year Award.

God was truly present throughout this entire event and we have already heard some great stories of how He worked in the lives of those in attendance.  We would like to say thank you to all of our sponsors, to all of the attendees, and to all of those who answered the call to support the ministry of FCA financially.  Here's to another year of watching God do "abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine!"

"No Mama!"

“No Mama!” is a familiar phrase that I hear around my house these days. It is not one that Titus uses to be defiant (at least most days J), but rather a phrase he says when I am trying to help him do something that he would rather do on his own. The thing is, most of the tasks he is attempting to do, are currently impossible for him to do on his own. Take the picture above as an example. As Titus attempts time and time again to shoot a basket, I know that there is no way at this point in his life that he will be able to make a basket. Yet, he tries, and he tries. After several attempts and mounting frustration, he will inevitably come to me and say “Mama help!”.

God has really been speaking to me lately about how often this same scenario plays out in my own life. God calls me to tasks that are beyond my ability to perform – tasks that only He can make happen. Yet, I, like Titus, insist on doing it on my own. From God’s perspective, He knows that the only way the task will ever happen is with His help. I imagine that I look much like Titus does in this picture…attempting an impossible task on my own. Inevitably, I get frustrated and defeated, and wind up coming back to Him and saying “Help God!”.

“If we are determined to do God’s work in our strength, we can expect our results and not God’s.” (A Passionate Commitment – Crawford Loritts)

I know in my own life, I often miss out on God’s results because I am determined that I can do things on my own. Just like Titus’ attempts to make a basket, this usually ends up in frustration and defeat. Yet, when I lower the basket and lift him up to shoot, it results in joy and accomplishment! God is the one that can “lower the basket” for us and “lift us up” to experience the joy and accomplishment that can only be found through Him.

I am in constant need of the reminder found in John 15:5, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.” My pride wants to say that this isn’t true. I can do things on my own…and yes, I can. But I can do nothing of eternal value on my own. And what’s the point of doing something that has no eternal value?

My challenge for us today is to ask ourselves if we are trying to do God’s work in our own strength. Are we getting our results and not God’s? Are we getting frustrated and defeated and then going to Him and asking for help? Or, are we acknowledging our own inabilities from the start and asking for His strength to accomplish the impossible task that He has called each of us to? Join me in surrendering our pride and stubbornness to Him, committing to do His work in His strength, and coming to experience the results that only He can provide.


Hannah Calhoun

 Multi-Area Director for Akron, Canton, Wooster, Youngstown and surrounding areas 
 (217) 202-4347



Natalie Roberts

Administrative Assistant

Join FCA as a staff Area Rep! 

We have an opportunity for additional FCA staff in NE Ohio and we are praying for God to send laborers into His harvest field. Is He calling you? Check out this great opportunity here!

Prayer Requests:

  • For our student leaders on each campus – pray that they would use the powerful weapon of prayer to spur on the “impossible” in their own lives and in their schools
  • For continued open doors as Tristan, Tyler, Deb, and Bob pursue their financial partnership goals
  • For God to order our steps as we pursue some amazing partnership opportunities with local organizations
  • For God to raise up additional staff for our area so that our ministry may continue to grow both deep and wide.